Welcome to the Pennsylvania countryside, a land of farms and faith.  A land steeped in Anabaptist culture, and full of interesting ideas.  This stream of writings offers a look at several individuals who represent a slice of the diverse people of Lancaster County. The Feed of the Farmland aims to showcase the wide variety of beliefs held by those who come from a similar Dutch-y background.

Growing up in Northern Lancaster County, it became clear that this Pennsylvania farmland is quaintly unique, not only in the prosperity the land has brought to farmers for generations but also the special culture and community that the area fosters.  From the outside, it may seem that we are the same, but while we are mostly cut from the same cloth, divergent ideas lie among these hills.

This blog feed is a hub for sharing the ideas of bloggers from across Lancaster County (and the surrounding area). It is a place for the hidden conflicts, controversies, and questions held by those raised in a similar fashion to take center stage. It is a place to show how different those sitting 3 pews behind really think. It is a place to overcome the status quo and discuss deeper ideas.  It is an experiment to learn how an ancient culture can survive new or opposing ideas.

While the feed can be home to controversial subjects, many posts will simply be about life in the country, or perhaps simple thoughts on God, family, life, or breakfast. If you are a resident of Lancaster County yourself, you may find that you know some of the voices. If you would like your voice to be shared, feel free to send an email to contact1.wenger@gmail.com, and we may add you to the feed!

So welcome! Enjoy your stay, and make yourself at home! I hope through your time spent within this feed you are able to learn something new, meet some interesting people, and gain new insight into how the ‘simple’ folks of Lancaster County live, and what they may believe!