Chapter 11, in which I leave tomorrow for outreach

By: Micah Martin

The last few weeks have been comprised of fairly typical day-to-day activities for me now. The one major change is that I am now teaching German semi-regularly to some refugees. A number of us are taking turns with these responsibilities, but I think it is really a sign of how far my grasp of the language has progressed that I am able to do this. It is something that I really enjoy doing, although it can be exhausting as lessons sometimes last between two and two-and-a-half hours.Easter was this past Sunday as the audience likely is aware, and I enjoyed getting together with my church family for an Easter breakfast before the service. Speaking of my congregation, I had the opportunity to play guitar with Tommy, a man from our church, and Tamara, a young woman who completed the FSJ program last year, during the worship service the week before last. My opportunities for service continue to grow and expand as I spend time here it seems.It’s true, the long-awaited departure for outreach in Moldova is now less than twenty-four hours away. Our team will be working there with the local church for three weeks in two different towns. Our work will likely be with children and elderly people, but I fully expect to be doing manual labor as well. On Sunday the Moldovan church celebrates Easter, so that will be the second time in two weeks that I have the chance to celebrate the event. I’m extremely excited for this opportunity, and I believe that it will be a really nice change of pace and change of scenery for all of us. I would appreciate prayers while we are in Moldova, especially since this is the poorest country in Europe, and we will all be challenged to handle the different culture.

Easter Sunday means we’re all dressed up and all smiling.

Here’s another picture because what’s the point in dressing up if I don’t take a bunch of pictures and make sure that people a couple of thousand miles away know that I dressed up?


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