Bible Playlist Devotion Day 45

Good Morning!

Good Friday|Holy Week

As we journey through Lent together we will allow music to guide us through the narrative that God has written and invited us into.  Take time to let the artists speak, and allow God to speak through them, and then respond.

Today our songs are inspired by (and sometimes quote) Revelation, but they also specifically recall Jesus’ death, making them appropriate selections for today.

Click the Song title to play it on Youtube.

27. Pale White Horse

“…and I knew it was my time”

(The Oh Hellos) A revelation; the protagonist meets his only fear. He recognizes the 4th of the horsemen and trembles; The 4th is named death! Their eyes meet…

28. Where Is Your Rider

“But these bones never rested while living, so how can they stand to languish in repose?”

(The Oh Hellos) We see death, now let’s meet him! The protagonist talks to the horseman, but he concludes with the thought that he could not rest for eternally. Then the band sings of Jesus’ defeating of death, and the 4th horse is now riderless! This is a different look at how Jesus defeated the grave.

29. Skeleton Bones

“Separate those doors, and let the Son of resurrection in!”

(John Mark McMillan) This is a praise song of the dead returning to life, entering the gates of heaven! It is a very joyful song discussing a grave subject 🙂


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“Jesus will come again.  He will come as king, but when he does it will be a very different entry then how he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday… [when he road in] …on that colt it was as a Servant King, meek and lowly.  He road to shed his blood.  This was a coronation of one who came to extend mercy and grace to sinners. And in this last week of his earthly ministry, though his time was fraught with tension, and conflict, and injustice, his purpose was to secure for you, justice, and mercy, and God’s patience, and God’s grace.  And this is how Jesus the King rules even now, contending for mercy, justice, grace, peace, over the people of God, over any who would come into his kingdom, but he is coming again and when he does it will be very different…

When our king returns, it will not be on a donkey’s foul, but on a white horse of war.  Not on a makeshift road made of coats and palms, but with fire in his eyes, a crown of glory on his head and a robe saturated in his own blood.  and he will be called the word of God, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords, and Justice will come from his mouth.  And that kingship will look different than the rule that we are under now, but now there is time.  There is Mercy.  There is grace.  But when he comes again it will be to judge the world.  To judge what we did with his mercy and grace extended to us, but for now, there is amnesty.  Can you hear the word of Jesus our prophet who is the message of salvation?  Can you see Jesus our priest becoming the sacrificial lamb for our sins?  Will you run to the amnesty, the refuge of his kingdom of mercy and grace?  Until he comes again, there is still time.  Will you yield?”

(Russ Ramsey)



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30. The Edge of the Earth (Switchfoot)
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