Bible Playlist Devotion Day 44

Good Morning!

Thursday | Holy Week

As we journey through Lent together we will allow music to guide us through the narrative that God has written and invited us into.  Take time to let the artists speak, and allow God to speak through them, and then respond.

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24. All of God’s Children

“Oh, I’ve been waiting for love to give birth; new life to show pain it’s worth”

(Jon Foreman) This song is a desperate yearning for the culmination of the Kingdom, where all of God’s people will finally be brought together in perfect unity. This is the fulfillment of the Church.


25. Salvation Day

“Here we are rescued and ransomed! Sing it out this is our anthem!”

(Vicky Beeching) As Christians, we believed that we are saved from death and sin. As we near the end, let’s celebrate Jesus’ gift of eternal life!

26. The Setting Sun

“My hope runs underneath it all, the day that I’ll be home”

(Switchfoot) Yearning for a better world, Foreman sings of the Kingdom of Heaven he plans to see someday. What is Heaven? The final book of the Bible has a few clues.

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On the one hand, we have come to Mount Zion, the New Jerusalem. On the other, we have here no lasting city but seek the city that is to come. This is frequently described as the “now” and “not yet” of Christian existence. Christians live “between the times” meaning between the time of Christ’s resurrection victory and the time of its cosmic fulfillment in the coming of the promised Kingdom. All time is time toward home, time toward our true home in the New Jerusalem. And so it is said that there is a continuing tension call it a dialectic, if you will between the “this worldly” and the “other worldly” dimensions of Christian existence.

(Richard John Neuhaus)



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27. Pale White Horse (The Oh Hellos)
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